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Welcome to Horizonland where every single citizen can master the game and live in unlimited imaginary virtual land.
Are you an esport game enthusiast and seeking a play-to-earn esport playground to live in?
Do you want to experience every sensation in a modern virtual reality universe with VR technology?
You have come to the right place! We are delighted to welcome you to Horizonland - a whole new game universe where you can live another life in the virtual multi-esport game world.
When stepping foot in Horizonland, you can have the options of playing your favorite esport game, living in the penthouse of your dreams, shopping for the coolest outfits, making friends with people all over the world, or going somewhere without actually going anywhere. It's a place where the limits of reality are your own imagination.
Horizonland is a revolutionary world created as a metaverse ecosystem with VR technology surrounding multiple esport games such as Billiard, Bowling, Poker, Chess, Racing, Football, Shooting, Golf,... In here, you will witness a new dawn of esport metaverse and be the champ of your own playground while seizing myriad MMO opportunities.
Without making you wait any longer, enjoy this whitepaper and explore this livable land for yourself.
Horizonland team
Last modified 1yr ago