Club & Arena


A place where players can go to training and compete in PvP with other players, invite friends to have friendly matches.
  • In PvP mode, players can earn elo points when winning and deduct elo when losing. PvP matches will calculate league points for the whole city. There will be 1 league per week.
  • At the end of each league, statistics and rewards will be awarded. Compete with friends without elo (exchange) Training mode helps players gain more experience
  • Players need energy to join the club, energy can be purchased from cafes and restaurants. Energy has maximum stats, self-healing over time. The rate at which energy is restored depends on how well the person is at home or a hotel.


Arena is the venue for Billiard tournaments and is the center of Cibillia where players gather to have matches against each other to gain rewards. To participate in the tournament, players will have to pay a participation fee. The player who wins first, second, third place will be awarded a prize of that tournament value.
There are 2 types of tournaments:
  • League type: seasonal matches
  • Champion type: knockout