Player statistic

Citizens of Horizonland are the main characters in the game. When transforming into Avatars, players will know their gaming ability based on the stats of the avatars they incarnate, including:
  • Experience points: initially the player has 0 exp. exp points will increase when players join billiard games (PvP and tournaments)
  • Level system: calculated based on exp points. Once you reach a certain exp, the player will level up
  • Trophies: When you reach a certain level, the player will gain a title depending on that level. Titles include beginner, player, pro…
  • The level score (elo) is a score that accurately reflects the billiard playing level of that player. When playing PvP, players win elo increase, loser lose elo.
  • Friendly Score: Initially the player has 0 friendliness. The more a player makes friends and interacts with friends in the game, the more friendly points increase. High friendliness points will help players increase exp more.