Ranking system

The ranking system is based on player's Elo level
Billiard is a game of skill and the elo scoring system is calculated according to international standards.

Elo score

The game uses the international standard elo scoring system. As follows:
  • Each person initially has 1200 elo
  • Win plus x elo, lose minus x elo
  • A high elo player who meets a lower elo player when they win will earn less elo points.
  • The PvP competition system will pair players with similar elo points to create fairness.

Formula to calculate x ( plus/minus Elo score).

Supposing 2 opponents A & B play against each other, where:
  • A has an Elo level: Ra
  • B has an Elo level: Rb
  • Formula (1) – calculates for player A: x(A)=Qa/(Qa+Qb)
  • Formula (2) – calculates for player B: x(B)=Qb/(Qa+Qb)
  • Qa=10^(Ra/400)
  • Qb= 10^(Rb/400)

Match Score

When the game is over
  • Win: get 1 point
  • Draw: 0.5 point
  • Lose: get 0 point

The Elo adjustment formula

To be recalculated at the end of each game, as follows:
  • Person A: Ra' = Ra + K(Aa – Ea)
  • Person B: Rb' = Rb + K(Ab – Eb)
  • Aa and Ab are the match scores of the two players, respectively, and
  • K is a coefficient that controls inflation and deflation;
    • K = 25 for elo under 1600
    • K = 20 for elo under 2000
    • K = 15 for elo below 2400.
    • K = 10 for elo over 2400