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Horizonland - A New Dawn of Esport Metaverse
Horizonland is the one-and-only playground that integrates cutting-edge technologies and combines multiple esport games in one virtual universe. With its outstanding highlights, Horizonland will confidently become an addictive game platform for players and lead the current metaverse wave.
The special thing when coming to Horizonland is that players will be transformed into avatars and enter a surreal world with VR technology. They can do all the things they want to do and be who they want to be. Aside from being entertained by the game's exciting activities, players may take advantage of various MMO opportunities that they might think to exist only in dreams.


Horizonland is a place where players can explore and experience the most authentic feelings in a diverse game world including visiting multiple esport cities with diverse cultures; building one-and-only versions of their other selves; connecting with friends or making new friends, etc.


This land combines ultimate gaming activities for esport lovers such as Billiard, Bowling, Poker, Chess, Racing, Football, Shooting, Golf,...Billiard will be the first esport game to be launched that promises to attract million of Billiard lovers around the world.


With the innovative P2E PVP mechanism, citizens at Horizon can master esport games and seize a variety of monetizing opportunities at the same time.
While living in Horizon cities, players can make profits by buying, selling, renting NFT items, or even taking part in part-time jobs as minigames. In particular, when participating in esport games, players can receive attractive rewards by winning matches and enjoying the high-level gaming experience.
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