Metaverse x Multi-esport games x Multi-playing role x Multi-utility NFT
Legend esport game has been adored for over a decade but there hasn't been a play-to-earn playground that combines multiple esport games for this potential game guild community. Moreover, the Metaverse trend with respect to gaming is recognized as the growing importance of virtual game worlds and digital persistence in unlocking creative spaces and identities for social experiences.
That is why Horizonland was created with the aim of becoming the first P2E virtual universe that involves various esport games and being at the forefront of the metaverse trend.

Metaverse ecosystem with VR

Nowadays, VR plays an important role to lead the metaverse trend in games. People come to Horizonland as a temporary escape from an individual's reality, into a different world, at a different time, or in the shoes of someone else.
The cities in Horizonland are known as an esport paradise with many high-class hotel structures, futuristic residential villas, a classy types of transportation. The esport games are also simulated with surreal physics, VR experiences to bring players high-quality games like real-life fighting sports.

Multi-esport games

One of the highlights of Horizonland is the integration of esport games such as Billiard, Bowling, Poker, Chess, Racing, Football, Shooting, Golf,... Players can get to choose their favorite game and enjoy every superb moment in the process of playing the game.
Billiard is the first game built on this modern land. Following that, Poker, Bowling, and many other esport games will also be developed, creating a variety of ultimate gaming experiences in this surreal virtual world.

Multi-playing role ecosystem

Players will create their own avatars and play multiple roles in the system, such as Explorer, Esport player, Trader, Realtor, Assistant,... to involve in a variety of on this land.
As these activities are realistic, Player's experience in games will become even more lifelike and closer to the real world.

Multi-utility NFT mechanism

With different play roles in the city, each avatar can represent the player to run its own life. Citizens of Horizonland have had numerous options to generate money including purchasing and selling, renting hotels, vehicles, wearables, doing part-time jobs as minigames.
The main focus at Horizonland is P2E activities in the game, Players can participate in esport games with many forms of competition such as PvP club matches, and arena tournaments,etc. Players can learn how to use their money wisely and make profits by winning these games.