The Story

In the 20s of the 21st century, the world was attacked by continuous epidemics, climate change, natural disasters,... Thereby, a dangerous and contagious virus strain has caused millions of deaths with its high infection rate. Although advanced technology and human intelligence have tried to find preventive vaccines, this virus is constantly mutating into more complex and dangerous new strains. This has made it impossible for people to interact with others and have to gradually get used to the social distancing in a separate area. This results in economic crises that directly trigger people's lives.
Everyone is searching for a way out for themselves. Until the born of Horizonland - a brand new virtual world where citizens can do whatever they want or can't do in the reality. You can travel between cities in modern flying cars, live in high-class penthouses, wear your favorite outfits, chat with friends or make new friends, and so on. Especially, Horizonland allows you to participate in esport gaming activities that are enabled to play in the current situation, such as billiard, poker, bowling, shooting, racing, football, golf,... Furthermore, Horizonland opens a myriad of opportunities for MMO earning, such as buying, selling, renting, or winning tournaments,...
Through VR glasses, you can easily set foot in Horizonland and freely choose the avatar you've always wanted to be: tall, beautiful, scary, or different sex, It's all up to you.
And from there, the game is yours! Live the life you've always wanted and enjoy every superb moment in Horizonland.