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Life in Horizonland

Come to Horizonland for all the thing you can do and stay for all the thing you can be
When attempting to transport a person into another world, the single most crucial element is a realistic experience. If a game is not realistic, users are not satisfied, the experience does not come across as authentic or fulfilling. One of the main reasons Horizonland is preferred to its competitor is because it carries the players into an esport parallel world where they live their own lives and run their own businesses by taking part in the following activities.


Players must have accommodation by spending money to buy or rent hotels, or by purchasing individual apartments from which the player can earn money by purchasing hotels and renting them out.


Players can buy or rent types of vehicles such as bicycles, motorcycles, cars, and planes to travel from one location to another, and they can earn money by purchasing these vehicles and renting them out again.


Players will be able to dress up their avatars with their favorite costumes by buying wearables such as Hair/Hat, Eyes/Glasses, Shirt, Pants, Shoes, or even special costumes for Christmas, Halloween...


Restaurants and cafes are where you can get the food you need to survive in this land. After eating, players have more energy to engage in game-related activities.

Making friends

Horizon citizens can make online friends with whom they can chat, visit homes, go for walks in the park or street, and play games as if they were living in real life.

Extra-earning Jobs

In Horizonland, players will have a variety of earning opportunities in addition to multi-playing roles. Other jobs available to citizens include Gardener, Shop Assistant, Waiter or Waitress, Mender, Janitor, and Club Staff.

Esports Activities

This is the central activity in the Horizonland virtual universe in which each city will have playgrounds where residents can participate in and enjoy a variety of game activities.
The billiard game will be the first esport game developed; in the future, other esport games such as Bowling, Poker, Chess, Racing, Football, Shooting, Golf,... and so on will be developed. These cities will add a lot of colors to Horizonland and promise to become an ideal destination for esports fans.