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NFT System

A distinguishing feature in Horizonland is that it incorporates many various cultures and colors from esport games. Therefore, users can own multiple-NFTs both within and outside the game, as well as engage in a variety of activities centered around these NFTs.

In-city Assets

These NFT items will be shared and used across all Horizonland cities.
  • Vehicle
  • Hotel
  • House
  • Wearables (Hair/Hat, Eyes/Glasses, Shirt, Pants, Shoes)

In-game Assets

  • Billiard NFT (Cue): Only used in Cibillia
  • Bowling NFT (Coming soon)
  • Poker NFT (Coming soon)
  • Others Esport NFT (Coming soon)

How to earn from NFTs?

In Horizonland, there're various MMO opportunities that players will be given when standing on this land. Besides gaming activities, players can be a wise owners of their assets by following ways to earn:
  • Joining games: Citizens of Horizonland can have numerous options to generate money through the main games and other minigames with multiple NFTs.
  • Trading: During the game, there will be people who want to buy more advanced NFT items or sell the items they don't need, this supply and demand will create a Marketplace for buying and selling in the game from which players can make a profit for their own.
  • Renting out: This is also an interesting opportunity to earn money in the game when the players do not need to use their NFTs. They can rent out assets to people who need NFT to play the game and earn from renting fees.