Billiard NFT


This is the main and most important NFT item in the Billiard game. The parameters of the stick affect gameplay, the stronger the stick, the easier it is for the player to win. Players who use the club a lot in competition or training can increase the number of cue-star.

Parameters of the cue

  • Force: is the hitting force of the club (levels 1 to 10), the higher the power, the stronger the hitter
  • Aim: is the length of the line of the ball (levels 1 to 10). The longer the length, the easier it is for the player to aim the ball at the target
  • Spin: is the spin when hitting the ball (levels 1 to 10). The greater the spin, the more difficult muscles the player can perform with ease.
  • Time: is the time to wait when it is your turn to fight (levels 1 to 10). The more time, the more time the player has to prepare for the attack
  • Star: Cue has levels from 1 star to 5 stars. Players can upgrade during gameplay and training.

Decorative Items (Not NFT)


for decoration purposes, creating a personal style for people


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