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Main Token - HRZ

Horizonland's native token is HRZ. It's utilized as the main token in the Horizonland ecosystem that runs on the Binance Smart Chain.

Token Summary

Token symbol: HRZ
Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 HRZ
Initial Marketcap: $354,000
Network: Binance Smart Chain

How to get HRZ?

When stepping foot in Horizonland, users can become its citizens and hold HRZ by:
  • Purchasing HRZ at seed round, private round, and public sales round
  • Purchasing HRZ from other exchanges
  • Joining airdrop to receive HRZ

How to use HRZ?

HRZ will be used directly or indirectly in Horizonland by the following activities:
  • Buying or renting hotels, houses to live in the city
  • Buying or renting vehicles to move between cities in the game
  • Buying wearables to create your favorite avatar
  • Buying in-game NFT to join the games

How to earn HRZ?

Users can earn HRZ by joining multiple in-game and in-city activities including:
  • Renting out in-city NFTs
  • Renting out in-game NFTs
  • Winning tournaments
  • Staking HRZ tokens to earn attractive APYs
  • Selling ​​NFTs in the Marketplace
  • Staking NFTs in Museum